The lens of Cosmic Birthright

When I was in my twenties, I thought to myself, if there is one thing I would like to accomplish by the time I am forty, it would be to know why I exist. When my fortieth birthday arrived, I had an epiphany inspired by a conversation with my mother regarding threats to the world. She is a big Science Fiction buff and always staying current on NASA’s projects. I was up in arms, at the time, about the continued reinstatement of licensing for nuclear power plants on earthquake faults in California and around the world (this is before Fukushima). She said, “kiddo, if we really want to save the world, it will be to fund NASA’s Near Earth Object Project.” I thought to myself, “sure, but we just aren’t forward thinking enough to prepare for natural disasters in general.”  Then it occurred to me that we don’t really ask ourselves why we are compelled to engineer and evolve technology in the first place…And that’s when I arrived at a perspective that has shaped my worldview and changed my life forever. Peering through this lens that views the world and humanity on a path toward achieving planetary defense, everything looks quite different. The rise of the hominoids after the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs, generations of war and all forms of oppression traumatizing humanity and all life on earth, rapid development of technology in the two hundred years, and now, in the blink of an eye in earths history, here we are. And yet, it’s a mess, isn’t it? It looks impossible to get from here, in the month of March 2017, barreling forward on a frightening path, minutes clicking toward “12” on the doomsday clock,  and somehow, miraculously, we must achieve world peace, planetary defense, end all oppression, and restore paradise, before it’s too late.

I invite you to peer through the lens of Cosmic Birthright. Recognize that everyone and everything on earth  has paid a terrible price in suffering to bring us to this time and place. This is our opportunity to evolve into nature’s planetary defense system; this is the birthright of the human race. This is the eve of our Cosmic Birthright.

If you are not busy doing anything more important, please contribute to this blog. Do you have links, information, or suggestions of how we might save the world peacefully? Please share.

thanks again for reading,

Continue in Peace.



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