Cosmic Birthright

Our Cosmic Birthright:

to achieve planetary defense and world peace,

to restore paradise,

and end all forms of oppression,

by every peaceful means necessary.

This is the eve of our Cosmic Birthright. The human race in the 21st century has arrived at a crossroads where our decisions, actions, behaviors, and attitudes will determine the future of humanity and of our Mother Earth.

We have arrived at a time and place when we must answer basic questions:

Where are we? How is the weather? and Why are we here?

Where are we? On a rolling mass of blue perfection, a Goldilocks planet, perfectly balanced, orbiting a brilliantly poised star in a distant, remote quadrant of the Milky Way.

How’s the weather? Turbulent. Not long ago, our fragile Eco-system narrowly survived one of several near extinction level events that wiped out nearly every life form on the planet, including  the mighty reptiles, their life force now our main source of energy.

Why are we here? Evolution is ingenious, and necessity the mother of invention. As out of the ashes of the Cretaceous extinction event rose a primate with opposing thumb and forefinger that can grasp instruments and engineer earths technology, the human race, that will someday save everyone and everything on our beautiful world teaming with life.

But there’s a problem.

We are unaware of our purpose for existence. Our lifespan akin to that of a gnat in the time-space continuum, our perspectives myopic, limited; we are focused on the minutiae of systems that have controlled and oppressed us into conformity to one single goal-not to defend mother earth-but to provide power and hegemony to a select few human beings. All of our activities, our labor, our sacrifices add up to achieving a single accomplishment- to maintain a tiny portion of humanity in power, and this at the expense of everyone and everything on earth.
We must take claim to our Cosmic Birthright, we must transform these systems of oppression into systems that secure earths future. We must accomplish this by every peaceful means necessary, for violence begets violence.  Every human being on earth shares the right to accomplish planetary defense, restore paradise and secure lasting peace by ending all forms of oppression. There is no cause, no need for violence and violent uprising as these conflicts only maintain power and control for a few humans over many nations and races. War profiteers only benefit from these conflicts-this is the system of oppression that is currently in place and guarantees massive profits and untold riches to those who invest in war.

We will achieve Cosmic Birthright peacefully by recognizing we all share the same agenda, the same needs, the same interests. Clean air, water, food, shelter, health care, education, and to be guaranteed employment-not to make a few individuals exceeding rich and powerful, but to secure earths future.

We are One Earth, One Human Race;

Our True Purpose for Existence, to Protect and Defend Mother Earth, Sacred.

How do we achieve this peacefully?

1. Invest in systems and industries that support people and the planet and divest from those that do not. We can purchase, buy, sell, and trade in earth’s best interests.

2. Demand an end to poverty and starvation. Until we end all systems of oppression we will fail to achieve lasting peace. We must agree to a global standard of human rights and responsibilities.

3. Create industries, jobs, and revitalize economies with a worldwide effort to restore paradise on earth with efforts such as sustainable agricultural practices, water conservation, investing renewable energy, and implementing clean technologies and practices that have been suppressed by corporate greed.

4. Revolutionize global national defense industries to evolve into industries of planetary defense and space exploration. Recognize that war and genocide is criminal behavior and demand global agreements to settle conflicts diplomatically.

We are the successors of many generations traumatized by wars and all forms of oppression. Our attitudes, values, and behaviors reflect the thousands of years of tragedy, loss, and injustices that has plagued our human evolution. Every life form on earth has paid a terrible price in suffering to arrive at this place and time in earth’s history.  At last, the technology exists capable of protecting the planet from a near extinction level event. Our human responsibility is to give meaning to and honor the sacrifices that have been made to bring us to the eve of our Cosmic Birthright.

Every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every drop of water, every breath or air, everyone and everything is our human responsibility, and we are entrusted to protect and defend our home.

It is the greatest honor to share this existence with you. Continue in peace.











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