BDS and Consumer Power

Sometimes we become overwhelmed by the problem:

Our futures and our children’s futures in jeopardy because we continue to live lifestyles that are detrimental to people and the planet, because our tax dollars are misappropriated to benefit the wealthy few while we continue to struggle, because we are constantly manipulated by media and messaging that further drives a wedge between us rather than unite us in a common cause, because we are lead to believe there is no way out of being co-opted into perpetuating these systems of oppression without going to the extreme of becoming a doomsday prepper or hibernating out in the woods and getting completely off the grid.

There are alternatives, however, and many great organizations are taking action both locally and globally to make it easy and feasible for you and me to bring about great change with the power of our nickels and dimes. This is Consumer Power; the power of BDS or Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.

Here are a few links to organizations and actions that are utilizing the power of BDS.

1.Ethical Consumer March 2017 list of consumer boycotts of products and corporations that harm people and the planet.

2.GoFossil is organizing a wave of global actions on student campuses to call for divestment in fossil fuels.

3.Global Divestment Mobilisation-worldwide movement to divest from fossil fuels.

4.The National War Resistance Coordinating Committee is supporting people who take action with war tax resistance by actively refusing to pay taxes for war.

5.Student Groups Call for Divestment in Corporations with Human Rights Violations

6.Global Day of Action against Hewlett Packard Human Rights Violations

7.BDS movement for Peace and Justice in the Palestine/Israel conflict

If you have more links to add to my list, please post them on this blog. Happy Earth Day, and keep the faith.


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